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学术报告第53讲:Supermodular Maximization with Cardinality Constraints
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学术报告:Supermodular Maximization with Cardinality Constraints




报告摘要Let V be a finite set of cardinality |V|=n and k be a positive integer at most n. We are concerned with maximization over nonnegative monotone supermodular set function f subject to cardinality constraint: finding a subset S in V with |S|<= k such that f(S) is as large as possible. The function f is r-decomposable, where r is a positive integer at most n, if there exist m subsets V_1, …, V_m of V each with cardinality at most r and nonnegative supermodular functions f_i, i=1, …, m such that f(S) =\sum_{i=1}^m f_i(S \cap V_i) holds for each S in V. Given r as an input, we find an O(n^{(r-1)/2})-approximation in polynomial time without knowing the decomposition. When the decomposition is given, let G be the graph with vertex set V and edge set E= {uv:u,v in V_i,u v are distinct}. We additionally require that the solution set S in V induces a connected subgraph in G. We propose a polynomial time O(n^{(r-1)/2})-approximation algorithm for this problem when r is constant, which implies an O(n^{1/2}) approximation for the densest connected k-subgraph problem (improving upon the previous best-known approximation ratio O(n^{2/3})).



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